Tasdancing 2011

Photomedia exhibition at the NEW Gallery, University of Tasmania, Newnham Campus, Launceston 31 March - 13 May 2011

Dancers are fascinating and challenging subjects to photograph, particularly on-stage where theatre lighting may be dim and bodies can move quickly and in unexpected shapes and directions. Bodies, in relationship with one another, draw fluid lines and patterns across space and make ever-shifting sculptural forms as they pause within a flow of movement. Faces and gestures express very eloquently a wordless language of emotion, human stories and experience.

In this exhibition my aim is to capture these expressive elements within a series of images that, while they themselves are still, evoke a sense of the mobile energy and passion that contemporary dance conveys to its audiences. Tasdance is Tasmania's professional contemporary dance company and is celebrating its 30th birthday in 2011. This exhibition is one contribution to celebrating its achievements and will consist of 21 prints (pigmented inks on rag paper) constructed from photos taken in rehearsals for the 2009 and 2010 Tasdance seasons. To create the images, I work with a variety of techniques in Photoshop, using layers to combine and merge photos of a particular dance sequence within the one image frame - cutting & collaging, merging, applying special effects filters, adjusting lighting and saturation etc. I laminate and blend together photos taken both on short exposures to ‘freeze’ motion and photos with long exposures that reveal trails of movement across space. The final form of some images may be more like a painting than a photograph.

The images are a tribute to the wonderful tribe of choreographers and dancers who converge each year on the Tasdance Studio in Launceston from diverse locations across the country and beyond. For further information about the company and the dancers (see list below) who appear in these images please visit the Tasdance website.

Floeur Alder, Jason Northam, Joel Corpuz, Malcolm McMillan, Sarah Fiddaman, Sofie Burgoyne, Tobia Booth-Remmers and Trisha Dunn.

Prints of these images may be purchased through the artist's website Found in Tasmania.

Anton's Blur (2009)



Chrissie Parrott's Racing Heart (2010)


to walk away

Frances Ring's Remembering of Us (2009)



Graeme Murphy's Forty Miles, River of Dreams (2010)