Museum of Mirth 2010

This project was installed in the Civic Square, Launceston, as part of the Junction2010 National Regional Arts Festival and operated from a homemade vintage (1952) caravan.

Over 3 days adventurous persons of all ages were invited into the caravan to play with a demented bunch of theatre students from the UTAS School of Visual & Performing Arts practicing their comedy skills. Glamourous host, Frivola Glee, recorded a massive assortment of giggles, guffaws, snickers, snorts, laughs and levity, edited and collated them, and played them back in a final performance which had the caravan and its surrounds rocking!

Listen to a one-minute sample of sounds from the Museum of Mirth!

museum of mirth 1 museum of mirth 2
museum of mirth 3 museum of mirth 4
museum of mirth 5 museum of mirth 6


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